Business is complicated. Your software shouldn't be.

Automated savings, clear visibility, and peace of mind. That's Stackshine. Our platform automatically detects your organization's software, shows you where to save money, automates employee onboarding/offboarding, and more.

Mission control for software licenses

Replace spreadsheets and email searches with a centralized dashboard where everyone can see exactly what software is being used. Automatically track new software, attach invoices, and remind your team when renewals are coming up.

“I've looked at many software management products over the years and haven't found a platform that addressed shadow IT detection and automation to the extent Stackshine does. It's an incredible solution for seeing the big picture on software usage.

Arash Ferdowsi, Co-founder/CTO at Dropbox
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Unify security and access information

You can't manage what you can't see. From the onset Stackshine has focused on a revolutionary approach to data integration. From in-house software to Fortune-100 software vendors, we're able to track usage, activity, and costs — even if we don't integrate directly.

“We grew so quickly and before we knew it we had no idea what apps were being used by our team or what the total costs were. Solving this problem manually was going to be a nightmare, Stackshine has been a game changer for us.

Alaena VanderMost, CEO at School of Motion
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The all-in-one software management platform

Subscription Calendar

See a breakdown of past and future expenses, empowering you with the visibility to proactively negotiate discounts on your subscriptions.

Sophisticated Alerts

Get notified of shadow IT, upcoming renewal dates, unusual charges, and a lot more to help you effectively manage your software.

Security Monitoring

Our platform is always tracking updates on vendor exploits. You'll receive security alerts if any software you depend on has been breached.

Employee Offboarding

When an employee is offboarded, we automatically remove them from integrated software and tell you exactly where to remove loose-end access from.

File Management

Each vendor on your Stackshine workspace has their repository for contracts, invoices, and files you need when reviewing a vendor.

Designed for collaboration

Inviting workspace administrators allows your team to collectively manage vendors, uncover expenses, track budgets, and a lot more.

Department reports

See reports and track spending, usage, activity, and licenses by department or groups.

Software Catalog

Provide a convenient way for employees to request software access with your IT team using our software catalog.

“Being able to manage our software subscriptions all in one place allows for more transparency. This has cut down on double payments/subscriptions, areas where we may be paying for services we are not utilizing, and has shown us subscriptions we might not need at all. Lastly, Stackshine has taken out the manual process of having to designate this task to an individual to have to monitor and track in an archaic fashion.”

Sarah G - G2 Review
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Battle tested

Businesses using Stackshine save more than the cost of the platform

Millions of dollars In cost savings discovered from our vendor savings reports since 2020.

Thousands of employees Trust Stackshine to track and manage software access in their organizations.

Over 250,000 Software vendors tracked, categorized, and modeled in our internal database.

Over 100 Direct integrations with the most popular software in our industry to support granular usage and cost modeling.

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