Introducing the Stackshine automation chat bot


Alfred AI

Automate. Improve.

Automate Onboardings and Offboardings

Provisioning and deprovisioning software licenses has never been easier with Alfred. Simply tell Alfred to provision or deprovision a software license for a member of your workspace and Alfred will handle the rest. Remove all the headache from managing your software licenses.

More than automations

Alfred AI serves as the center of your IT operations. Manage all of your IT operations with our 1000+ library of software integrations

Manage all your licenses

Alfred AI gives insight into how many avaliable licenses are left in your plan, which people in your workspace have licenses, and so much more.

Automations are instant

Provising and deprovisioning licenses happen instantly with Alfred AI. Your employees can get access to the software in the same minute of creating the automation.

Integrate with the Stackshine Platform

Alfred AI allows you to integrate with the existing Stackshine platform to answer all of your data questions.

Understand your data

Alfred uses AI technology to answer any data related question you have for it. Simply ask Alfred any question in your Stackshine platform and it will tell you an answer within seconds.

Save Money

Use Alfred to get better insights to your software spends. Confidently cut down software costs when necessary, and keep up to date tabs on your software licenses.

Subscribe Now

After subscribing to Alfred, please follow the sign-up flow to create a new account on Stackshine. Then, you will be prompted to integrate with Slack to gain access to Alfred AI upon first login.